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Slides from my session on ‘Developing Your Online Profile’ session given as part of the University of Suffolk Graduate School’s Researcher Development Programme


A live bibliography of research into block teaching in higher education


The quirks of local elections and an ever decreasing number of councillors means we should avoid assessing parties’ performance on the basis of seats won or lost


Is Kirkella really the ‘UK’s biggest fishing trawler’ and does vessel size matter in the Brexit and fishing debate?


Summary of my latest article published in Regional Studies, Regional Science


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(2020). Modes of state governance, populist pressures and public sector reform. In J. Connolly and A. van der Zwet (eds.), Public value management, governance and reform in Britain (pp. 87-114). Palgrave Macillan.

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(2020). Channel Arc. In B. Wassenberg & B. Reitel (eds.), Critical Dictionary on Borders, Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration (pp. 172-176). Peter Lang.

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(2020). The governance capacities of Brexit from a Scottish perspective: The case of fisheries policy. Public Policy and Administration.

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(2020). Fisheries and Brexit.

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(2019). Editorial: European Democracy in 2019. Journal of Contemporary European Research, 15(4), 327-330.

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(2019). Brexit, Fisheries and Scottish Devolution: An Intergovernmental Disruption. The Political Quarterly, 90(4), 802-807.

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(2019). Brexit and the future of UK fisheries governance: learning lessons from Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. Contemporary Social Science, 14(2), 327-340.

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UK fisheries policy post Brexit

UK fisheries policy post Brexit: multi-level challenges and opportunities.

Brexit and local government

Investigating the impact of Brexit on English local government.

Local Government Transnational Networking

Investigating the transnational links developed by local authorities.